Silent Jealousy – X Japan ニューヨーク,マディソンスクエアガーデン ライブ動画(2014年10月11日)

Silent Jealousy(サイレントジェラシー)

Silent Jealousy – X Japan @ Madison Square Garden, New York (2014.10.11)

When I first heard this song as a sophomore in high school in 1995, I was blown away and wanted more than anything to learn how to play the piano intro. My parents made me take piano lessons starting in the 5th grade and I hated it. I was happy when my piano teacher quit a year later to take up another job. This song is of great significance to me as it was the turning point in bringing me back on the path of the piano. My screaming like a little man-child at 1:15 can attest to that….

Part way through the usher came by and was telling people to stop recording video, so I pretended to stop but was still recording with the camera on my lap which resulted in the poor cameramanship and obstructed view. Sorry! 🙁